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Real Estate


Glyne Worrell is an established adoption attorney, a family law attorney and a former real estate and banking lawyer. He is also a Realtor.

In 2019, he launched the Worrell Real Estate Group to extend additional real estate services to clients, and provide opportunities, as a licensed realtor, to assist clients in the purchase and sale of real estate assets.


Through our relationship with Keller Williams Realty, we help everyday people achieve their goals through ownership of real estate.

Most standard real estate transactions can be completed with your Realtor, your Lender, and your Title Company. But some unique transactions may require someone who truly understands your real estate objectives.

Wouldn’t it be an added benefit to you to have a Realtor who can also help you understand your real estate transaction from a legal perspective?This is the reason the Worrell Real Estate Group is becoming a premier choice in helping people achieve the life they want through real estate.We help people design and create the life they want through real estate.

This is Not About Just Owning Real Estate

  • It’s about how people live
  • Where they live
  • Being part of a community
  • Their home
  • Their children
  • Where they work and play
  • Where their children go to school
  • It’s about helping people manage the transition in their lives, and Creating a framework for their Family


Do you have a Realtor who is knowledgeable and can provide a full understanding of your contract provisions?The Worrell Real Estate Group will be available to you when you need us.We want to be your FirstChoice Realtor, Your Premiere Realtor.Here are a few reasons why we can better assist you with your real estate purchase or sale transactions: As a Lawyer/Realtor,

  • We can help you save you time, money, stress, and anxiety.
  • We can help you understand the legal reasoning behind every paragraph of your real estate contract.
  • What if you want the title to your property to include right of survivorship so that your spouse or loved one can avoid the expense of probate court if something happened to you?
  • If you are going through a divorce and you agree to sell your home as part of the settlement. Or if the Court orders your property to be sold in your Divorce Decree.
  • What if the Court requires for a Receiver be appointed to manage and arrange the sale of your property?
  • If you’re a business owner, you may need help in acquiring your next commercial property or office lease.
  • If you need to move, but stay within the same school district or neighborhood, so that it would be least disruptive for your children.
  • If you’re an adoptive parent or foster a parent and you need a bigger home for your expanding forever family.

As an adoption attorney, Glyne Worrell has helped hundreds of families consummate their adoptions and obtain permanency for their children.He can help you with the purchase of that forever home you’ve always wanted.

If you want to achieve the dream. Why not have a realtor who understands the legal rights?

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