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Family Law

Capable Family Law Firm in Dallas, TX

At our family law firm in Dallas, TX, we want you to know our attorneys treat you as individuals looking for answers to a challenge facing you. Feel confident our attorneys behave with compassion and professionalism in helping you to find the right solution. The clients of The Worrell Law Firm benefit from our experience, professional leadership, and unique commitment to exceptional service. Our areas of family practice include:

• Divorce
• Child Support
• Custody & Visitation
• Family Violence
• Protective Orders
• Family Members Seeking Custody
• Property Divisions • Pre- & Post-Nuptial Agreements
• Marriage Settlements
• Agreements Incident To Divorce

Advocating for Children

Our family attorneys consider ourselves advocates for children, whether it comes to divorce, child support, or custody. We follow the meaning and the letter of the law in seeking the “best interests of the child.” Sometimes, our clients who want child custody are those other than the child’s parents. This is the case with relatives who desire legal custody because the biological parents are facing Child Protective Services intervention or are in trouble with the law.

Looking Out for You

Our attorneys take time to make sure you understand the meaning of court documents, as well as the proceedings. As a parent, you need information and understanding so you can make good decisions. Know that we work to achieve your goals, whether your case goes before or a judge, or is settled with family mediation services.

Obtaining quality legal representation is the first step toward achieving a more favorable outcome in your case. Our family law firm works diligently to protect what matters most to you. When you need to speak to an experienced attorney, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will carefully review your case and advise you about your available options.

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