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Put Your Trust In Our Family Mediation Services in Dallas, TX

The dissolution of a marriage is a stressful time for everyone. The Worrell Law Firm offers family mediation services in Dallas, TX, that will provide the support you need.

Blanca Espinosa is our family law attorney and mediator. She assists families and individuals with a range of domestic relations matters and addresses all of your concerns. Our mediation services can save time and mitigate the expense of a courtroom battle. Individuals are also more involved in the process, which can contribute to a more favorable outcome.

We’re prepared to provide support for any of the following circumstances:

• Divorce
• Custody Issues
• Grandparents’ Rights
• Family Members Seeking Custody

• Conservatorship
• Child Support
• Possession
• Access
Dispute Resolution

Our mediator is skilled at negotiations and resolving differences of opinion. She will work with all parties to discover an equitable solution for everyone. The goal is to avoid an extensive legal battle, and mediation services provide the best opportunity to resolve issues out of court.

  • Connectivity across payments networks
  • Instant, on-demand settlement
  • Real-time tractability of funds
  • Low operational and liquidity costs
Children Come First

Our family mediation services are committed to the best possible outcome for children. The end of a marriage is difficult and emotional, and mediation allows every family member to feel heard. Our extensive experience with visitation rights, custody, and child support ensures that the children’s primary interests are served above all else.

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