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Complete Mediation Services in Dallas, TX

Led by trained family law attorney and mediator Blanca Espinosa, our firm provides mediation services to parents and individuals in a range of domestic relations matters. Settling issues outside the courtroom can not only save time but also save you the emotional and financial hardship that comes from a contested court case between family members. In addition, the participants have more control over the outcome.

Reach out to us to discuss mediation for:

• Divorce
• Custody Issues
• Grandparents' Rights
• Family Members Seeking Custody
• Conservatorship
• Child Support
• Possession
• Access

Ending Disputes with Meditation Services

Dealing with family legal issues is never easy, especially when disputes arise. At The Worrell Law Firm, we want to help you deal with these issues by offering complete mediation services in Dallas, TX. Through these services, our trained and experienced mediator will lead negotiations between all interested parties. The goal of these negotiations is to find a resolution to settle the issues out of court.

By coming to a settlement with our help, you will have much more feedback on the results and have a higher chance of all parties receiving an equitable outcome. This also helps to save you from a lengthy legal battle in court.

Finding the Best Solution for Children

While divorces are already complicated, they become immensely more difficult when children are involved. However with the assistance of our family mediator, the situation can be more straightforward.

Our mediation team has experience dealing with child custody disputes and will always work to find a solution that is in the best interest of the children. This includes determining support requirements as well as allocating visitation rights. We will always work to help all parties come to an agreement so that the issues do not need to be handled by a judge.

Contact us to discuss your family dispute and to start the mediation process right away. We proudly serve clients throughout Dallas, TX, and the surrounding area.