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Family Law

Extensive Experience In Family Law Matters

Families can be complicated. For many facing a family law matter, the future can feel both uncertain and overwhelming. Clients of The Worrell Law Firm benefit from our experience, professional leadership and our unique commitment to exceptional client service. If you find yourself in need of a Dallas, Texas area family law attorney - from marital issues or child custody to domestic violence or spousal support, we can help, regardless of your family law needs. Family practice areas include:

• Divorce
• Child Support
• Custody & Visitation
• Family Violence

• Protective Orders
• Family Members Seeking Custody
• Property Divisions
• Pre- & Post-Nuptial Agreements
• Marriage Settlements
• Agreements Incident To Divorce

Supporting Children

Our family attorneys want to help improve the lives of children everywhere. We are advocates for children and handle numerous CPS-related cases affecting custody. Our clients include grandmothers seeking custody of a grandchild because the biological parents are facing CPS intervention or in trouble with the law. Relatives or fictive kin seeking custody of a child as a result of abuse or neglect are also welcome to reach out to us for assistance.

Happy Children